Coworking Office Spaces In Milan, Italy

Fast-growing European coworking network Talent Garden has developed a new coworking location in Milan, Italy. To explain the difference between Milan and other cities in Italy, in 2018 Milan CBD has scored the highest number of transactions in the last 10 years, after a very positive 2017 as well, with a 97% increase of office take up comparing Q4 2017 to Q4 2018.
Impact Hub in Sicily was founded by a group of social innovators eager to create work and meeting places, to which people who believe in the project have been added over time: different professionals, with profiles ranging from international cooperation, to microfinance, to project management, to the organization of events.

When they start to engage with the managers and residents of these spaces, they will also start to understand that there are no global constraints in the ‘knowledge economy' labour market and that businesses are being established and jobs created many of which are ‘Invest NI' supported businesses.
With studies showing that coworking spaces promote increased productivity and creativity, and allow for new networking opportunities, it should freelance come as no surprise that many of the world's most successful start-ups have been incubated in these designated collaborative spaces.

A new concept of workplace that integrates modern and elegant space design and services that support flexible work within a context that facilitates the creation of synergies between the entrepreneurial fabric of the territory and the Copernico network.
Many many Start Up Labs and Incubators centres, from international well know brand such as Impact Hub (almost 10 different regions in the country - ImpactHub Florence in the picture), heavily spread among Italy, to local operators such us Nana Bianca , from LUISS EnLabs - a start up incubator which collaborated with LVenture Group and founded by LUISS University , one of the most prestigious schools in the country -, to newly started such as MIP - Murate Idea Park , which I had the pleasure to visit and I will tell you a little more of.

Milan's offices occupy 2,500sqm and 3,400sqm (in this bldg Spaces is the unique occupier over 7 floors - where we can see the Ad Hoc Building approach, widely utilised by coworking spaces giants), but the main centre for Spaces would be the one in Rome: 5,000sqm of coworking, meeting rooms, amenities and private offices.
Cascina Cuccagna is also a coworking space with the added benefit of sitting among the courtyard, the agricultural market, the flower laboratory, and a restaurant with plenty of events. Blend Tower Milano is a part of the Copernico co-working space network.
Additionally, companies can earn further points if their overall business model can be shown to create positive social and environmental impact as well, qualifying the company for specific Impact Business Model points. The focus is on Milan, the core of the Italian knowledge-based, creative, digital, and sharing economy, and the city hosting the largest number of co-working spaces in Italy.

For instance, if a company organizes a meeting only once a month in a city, or has very few employees in a place, or wants to employ some people only for a few months or weeks, it no longer needs to get into a long-term lease for short-term needs. Milan coworking space makes the city more accessible to startups and scaleups, with flexible lease terms, onsite support and cost-effective pricing plans.
While you might have heard of Impact Hub before, the big Austrain chain of coworking spaces taking over the World with operations in over 50 countries. They are coming for conferences or business meetings and appreciate the option of having a desk and a meeting room and the opportunity to connect with people.

It offers a wide variety of packages, from a simple desk to offices for four people. We share our space with a community of like-minded people who find our space a comfortable, professional place to do business. A data-driven global digital health collaboration platform, bringing together the people, thinking and technology needed to address complex healthcare challenges.

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