Read on to find out just how this treatment works, and whether it’s the right treatment choice for you. Unlike resurfacing lasers such as carbon dioxide laser resurfacing, MMFU does not break the skin surface – hence, there is no redness and no downtime. Amongst the non-invasive skin treatments, the MMFU reaches the deepest – up to 4.5mm. How… Read More

We can find a comfortable treatment setting to ensure minimal discomfort is felt and desired results are achieved. One of the most popular reasons patients opt for Thermage treatment is that only one treatment is required. However, some patients book bi-annual Theramge sessions to maintain superior skin health. Our broad medical expertise means tha… Read More

He will measure the width and height of your desired breast and decide on the best width and height of an implant to achieve that result. So, the size of your house is determined by the basement and number of floors. Sometimes, because of the shape of your current breast and chest, it is better to have an implant that is wider that it is high or vi… Read More

Artistic skill, experience and good judgement are needed to avoid complications and to achieve an outstanding fat transfer result. You’ll need to be realistic about the possible outcomes and multiple procedures may be required to get your desired breast volume increase. She is one of Melbourne’s most experienced and sought-after female Plastic … Read More

Short-term share trades have a greater exposure to both potential losses and potential gains from sudden price fluctuations. The converse is also true – companies with declining profitability usually see their share price falling. Individual share prices are also affected by supply and demand, and other factors. Shares are a popular form of inves… Read More