Lalique Encre Noire ~ Fragrance Review

But that is probably because I am not a fan of dry fragrances, which does not diminish the quality of the fragrance. Sought a decant after enjoying both the Sport and extreme versions.
In 1926, Rene Lalique began manufacturing satin-finished vases, bowls, and statuettes. Today, his fine tradition endures with themes ranging from classical forms to ultramodern designs. An emotive body, associating the mysterious notes of Bourbon Vetyver and Haiti Vetyver with the warm and enveloping notes of Wood from Cashmere and Musks. I purchased this eau de toilette based on the on line reviews. The product I received was as expected but I personally do not like this fragrance. Probably there is a reason why it is so inexpensive.

I've also tried the A L'Extreme version which to me, is a more woody and warm experience. Both are arguably more wearable than the original but I feel I can wear all 3 as I love Vetiver in it's raw form. Encre Noire is a suspicious, mystifying, and magical perfume to seek sensual pleasures.
A few reviewers have described this as smelling like depression which, while I respect their opinion (it made me buy it! Thanks!!), is not a place I quite get to. To me it smells like a man who has embraced a certain sadness, but still moves forward with a sense of survival and optimism. The woods that come from the skin for 8+ hours suggest a contemplative depth. I see this as a scent associated with books and learning. I see a man lost in thought, walking in the woods then back to a warm den to solve a life problem with help from long-dead philosophers. This scent suggests a connection with the past that is able to live in modern times and keep up with the news.

I was pleasantly surprised last Christmas to be introduced to this fragrance wandering the refurbishment of Myers department store in Melbourne. Retailers were in overdrive with the gift-giving season in full swing. I spent some time talking to the boutique staff, actually one of Trimex’ own staff who was helping kick-start the business for the opening.
If you like mature scents but don't want something too dirty, this is a good choice. I think Lalique's "exchanged the bottles between them"😂 when they released Encre Noir and Encre Noir a l'extreme. In my humble opinion, you can't find more extreme designer perfume than Encre Noir. Encre Noire is like taking a walk through the woods in that time in the fall when it's just gotten too cold to go out without a jacket.
Someone that is expecting the well known amazing niche quality, with dark vibe and ink smell, should search in other place, but it's nice. In the meantime I have already tested some budget fragrances that I know from my young years in their new edition and I was regularly startled. They are not harmonious, have no depth and seem unspecific. He waits patiently until his time has come and at the right moment he is there and performs that the branches bend. Not one to blind buy unless you're into extremely dry wood scents. Longevity is good but projection is somewhat weak. This is everything I've been looking for, fragrance-wise.

Encre Noire Lalique Travel Spray for men slips easily into your pocket and is the ideal way to revive your fragrance throughout the day or while traveling. Not really, it’s more of a salty vetiver with honey sweetness. The vetiver that is the heart of L’Extrême is rich and salty with facets of dry grass and earth. What I find particularly beautiful about L’Extrême is the way that it weaves a soft, suede-like iris note in between the sharp tendrils of the vetiver. Woody, Vetyver.A hymn to vetyver, a praise to modernity for a perfume with character, signed in black ink. We will only use your details to keep you informed about The Perfume Society.
People always love the waft when it passed them. Well I smelled this on a man and I think this is one of the sexiest male perfumes ever. I imagine you'd have to absolutely douse yourself in the fragrance to appreciate wearing it for yourself. Encre Noire is a perfume you'd wear for yourself, and perhaps not everyday. This is not mass appealing, and factoring in the soft projection, Noire is unlikely to yield any complements. Sillage and projection are moderate for the first hour or two, becoming a skin scent after.

Well, first of all, not many perfumes smell like it although the opening has a hint of vintage Dior Fahrenheit as part of the general smell. But, according to other people's noses, about an hour in, it's coming off as citrus, rose and violet among the smells as well! Perhaps that's the vetiver and cypress working together.
I mean… I really love Sycamore or Terre d’Hermmes openings but this one was that strong that it made me nauseous. I was very disappointed because I really wanted to like this frag. After 1 hour, I started to get the feeling of liking it more and more to the point of loving it! The dry down is significantly better than the opening and the woody note comes into the game altogether with a marked Iso e super note . This is a first ever woody fragrance I love. My type of scent is sweet gourmand, but this one is an exception. A soft woody notes is the main core of this fragrance.

I get lovely slightly rank/green vetiver woods with a charred surface. Charred vetiver, a suggestion of loam, rubber smoke. It is pretty similar to BBW Black too, (or Black is a dupe of EN perhaps?).
The base is a cocktail of sensual musks which really represent the “noire” in the name. The original vetivers were citrus affairs with the vetiver providing an acerbic green contrast.
Sillage is milder, but so is longevity. Still, it is not a scent to guarantee compliments along the way, and requires a little more discernment on when and where to wear. This molecule is present in high doses in Extreme and gives it that recognizable woody sharp aroma.

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