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Over 20 years in the building industry I've seen a lot of homes built. The response of volunteer organisations and charities was also considerable, with WIRES Wildlife Rescue working to rescue and treat injured wildlife, 206 Rapid Relief Team Australia raising money for victims, providing meals for firefighters and assisting with two bulk water tankers, 207 Team Rubicon Australia providing debris removal and helping with the cleanup of fire affected areas, 208 209 the Animal Welfare League fundraising and assisting injured animals, 210 211 and St John Ambulance Australia and Australian Red Cross providing support at evacuation centres across New South Wales.
Australian development sites are experiencing unprecedented demand from both local and international investors, yet finding these lucrative properties can be a challenging experience for both buyers and advertisers - with both groups often struggling to reach out directly to the elusive property developer audience.

By invitation only, membership to LeadingRE and Luxury Portfolio means Belle Property can offer its clients global visibility of their property, and a worldwide network of potential buyers to tap into; an advantage no other Australian real estate brand can offer.
Our real estate agents stay abreast of innovative multimedia marketing strategies which include drone photography, virtual tours, online videos and target marketing on social media platforms, as well as the more traditional print ads and the Belle Property magazine.

You also need to be cautious in choosing the design of your home to ensure that you can complete construction in the time frame allotted by your lender if you pursue a loan to finance your kit home. Watch out for builders who put pressure on you to sign contracts within a certain timeframe to 'secure discounts' etc.
Once you've found your dream home ask a Building and Design Consultant about the Luxury Upgrade Packages available. Even if you score the best local builder to project manage the foundation, assembly and signing off of your transportable home, if he is juggling too many other projects, he may accidentally overlook something on your project or delay your build.
The policy of the FIRB is to prevent foreign investors from buying up Australian homes, not the foreign citizen living in Australia looking for a place to live. Although, as any specialist knows, it is foolhardy talk about Australia's's property market as if it is one homogeneous whole.

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